I want to capture raw emotion and the portrayal of your relationships with all of their poignant intricacies. My goal is to encapsulate those small and fleeting moments that are forgotten with time. The bubbles a baby blows with their long tongue. The wrinkled feet of a newborn. The sassy look only a four year old can give. The freckles spattered across the nose of a little boy. I work towards capturing beautiful, organic, and artistic photos you can keep for generations. 






*Time & talent of photographer only*

PORTRAIT SESSION: $75 (graduation/maternity etc.)

CHILDREN'S SESSION: $100 (up to 3 children) 

FAMILY SESSION: $125 (up to 5 people)

*$15 for each additional person*









Before I began taking my own It photos professionally I did not fully grasp the significance of having a tangible printed copy of my photos. I was more interested in digital proofs burned to a CD, which then allowed me the freedom to use my photos in any format I wished. However, with experience I can now see the importance of having both, prints and digital copies of a session. 

 It is important my clients receive the best quality prints of their session. It is my goal to give you something beautiful. I achieve this by working closely with Miller's Professional Imaging and calibrating my computer to their printer so the colors are more vivid, the subjects are sharper and the photo is of the highest quality. I want you to walk away with a piece of art. 

I also want you to have high resolution digital copies of their session. This allows you to have full access to your photos. I know how essential a digital copy is in order to share  photos with family and friends.  

As a mother I know the importance of a budget. I also know how fleeting these moments with your loved ones are and how significant the act of documenting them is. I want to capture this special time in your life and give all my clients beautiful and artistic photos at a reasonable price. 

Each print collection includes a variety of prints `a la carte and digital high resolution copies burned to a CD. Photos ordered for printing will include retouching services (skin smoothing, eye brightening, severe acne, removing unwanted item/individuals, etc.) Basic color corrections and cropping will be applied to your High resolution digital copies.


COLLECTION ONE: $50 in print orders. 5 High Resolution Digital Copies.


COLLECTION TWO: $75 in print orders. 10 High Resolution Digital Copies. 


COLLECTION THREE: $125 in print orders. 15 High Resolution Digital Copies. 


COLLECTION FOUR: $150 in print orders. Entire Session of High Resolution Digital Copies.


COLLECTION FIVE: $150 hard cover press book. Entire Session of High Resolution Digital Copies. 

Hard Cover Press Books are made with magazine style press papers and perfectly bound at the spine giving you a custom-made coffee table book. 



You can request additional retouching services to your digital photos that are included in your session's CD. (Skin smoothing, eye brightening, severe acne, removing unwanted items/individuals, etc.)

Please contact me with any further questions: