First Birthdays are the BEST!

What is more fun than a birthday? A first birthday! Seriously, I take first birthdays very seriously. Finn's and G's first birthday were freaking way over the top. I look back with some embarrassment. I mean a three tiered cake for a one year old, come on. Although I can't say I wouldn't do it again (insert a shame emoji). 

My sweet friend asked me to take Alora's first birthday pictures. It was all very illegal. We trespassed and went through quite a few patches of stinging nettle to get her into this pretty little field. I for one believe in doing all things illegal if it means we get a good picture, just saying. The lighting is so much better in the evening so poor Alora was tired and wasn't having it. I felt bad for her but my firm belief for a photo shoot for any age but especially for babies is get in and get out. It should be pain free or at least as pain free as I can make it. No point in dragging it out. Usually a child's best photos are taken at the beginning of a shoot anyways. So we did our best and she looks like a little angel. 

she wanted nothing to do with getting her hands dirty. 

she wanted nothing to do with getting her hands dirty. 



Look at that little lone tear. Doesn't that just melt you?

Look at that little lone tear. Doesn't that just melt you?

Sonnet Ruby & Holland Rose

There is one little girl in particular I just can't seem to get off my mind these day... little Sonnet Ruby. My sweet friend, Angela gave me the honor of capturing her pregnancy here of her twin girls. Then I received a phone call around 9:30pm one Sunday evening from her husband, Danny asking if I was ready to take photos of a twin birth. I couldn't get out of my pajamas fast enough. Just the thought of being there with my friends as they welcomed their daughters into this world couldn't have made me happier. I was a crazy woman streaking through the house, half naked trying to find my camera, cards and charger, worried I was going to miss it. Turns out... this was my second birth I missed. Not because I was late. No, I got to the hospital with plenty of time to spare this time around. Plenty of time to wait and wait and wait. Finally when those babies were good and ready to come out it turned out only Danny and Angela's mom were allowed in the room. So I picked my sorry can up off the hospital floor and headed home at three in the morning.

I finally got my chance to capture these two out of utero. I snuck on over to Angela's house and spent three or so hours basking in newborn bliss. Waiting for the right moment. Hoping both would fall asleep at the same time. Rocking one baby while the other nursed. Slowly taking off blankets as not to wake up two little newborns just to find out one was peeing without their diaper on and the other spit up. After I was through Angela and Danny's bedspread looked like a war zone. We had blankets and spit up and pee and binkies and changes of clothes everywhere. I left exhausted and a little bit happy I got to go home to just two kids and a little bit sorry that I didn't know how to really help my friends with their new task of parenting not only twins but four other children. 

It has now been a few weeks since I spent that morning in newborn baby bliss and I wish so badly I could say that Danny and Angela are still basking in the glow of having two new babies. Last Thursday evening as I sat putting my own kids to bed I heard the dreaded sound of sirens outside my window. I rushed out my front door to my neighbors. There Sonnet lay after an accidental fall. Accidents happen, they can happen to anyone, even the very best of parents. Now I spend my every waking moment thinking about that sweet baby girl and my friends and the hardships and trials they are facing. I pray fervently that Sonnet will make a full recovery and in a month from now this will all seem like just a bad dream. 

To my friends Angela and Danny know that I love you and your family. Our little street, Rifleman Drive has become family over the years and just like with any family their heart aches are your heart aches. My heart is aching. 

Maybe it was a coincidence I came across this saying tonight:

"Struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you have to know what falling down is like."

Sonnets snuggles will be that much sweeter. Her eyes will be that much brighter and rainy days won't seem so rainy when this is all said and done I hope.

All my prayers and love,