The Consonant Queen

From the mouth of Genevieve "BEST DAY EVER!" 

Today my little four year old smartie pants earned her consonant crown.  Not only did she get a crown for this major accomplishment but a princess jump rope to boot. It has been the "best day ever" for this one. She's reading like the wind, doing math up and down and learning more and more everyday. Joe and I are constantly trying to figure out our next move to try and keep her little mind busy and challenged. Genevieve loves to learn and she loves school. If it were up to her she would stay at preschool all day, every day. I think that six hours a day three days a week is long enough, I start missing her. I remind her daily to stop growing up so fast but like with most things she doesn't listen. 

Congratulations Genevieve... you are "the smartest girl in the world" for sure!

One Handsome Fella.

This boy is one of the sweetest, most caring, funny (more like hysterical), awesome, men I know. My world would be empty without my little brother. From his first steps to graduations, tears, laughter... we've been through it all. I love him more than words can describe, more than flowers love rain, more than sunshine. He's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread and I'm a better person for knowing him.

Here is our photo session together. 



Fun Fact: My Genevieve was "Alivia" until the moment she was born. Joe and I took one look at her and after months and months of indecisiveness and debating we both said "what do you think about Genevieve", a name we had never even thought of until that moment. 

I didn't end up with an Alivia but I am so glad my dear friends did. She is their sixth little baby and let me tell you, she looks like all the other five. Stacey and Matt make little cookie cutters, all the same face just different hair. I always feel so blessed when someone asks me to capture a part of their child's life. It is such a neat experience every time. I take that responsibility very seriously and strive to capture the essence of that moment.  It is never easy and is different with each new family I shoot but it is a privilege to see each child through their mothers eyes. I get to see all that love and beauty through my lens.  

I hope you love them Stacey.