wow! I have definitely taken a break from blogging and taking pictures. Its been about 2 years since I picked up my camera or written a journal entry. However, I've discovered its a lot like riding a bike.

I went through some very difficult things these past two years and photography was something I couldn't even imagine doing at the time. It was too joyful and too special I didn't want to taint it with the difficulties in my life. I don't know, life is a funny thing. You never know how you'll react when hardships are upon you. What once was really important falls away and in its place is survival, taking one breath at a time, you know. Now I am able to come out on the other side. For the most part unscathed and much stronger.

I was so excited when I had two friends back to back ask me to take photos for them. Besides the struggles the past two years have brought I was also worried when the time came and I was ready to pick up my camera again there would be no one who would want me to take pictures for them anymore and I was terrified I had forgot everything I knew about my camera, lighting and editing. Thankfully, none of those things have proven to be true. Granted I am just starting back up but what a way to start... with friends. 

So thank you for letting me capture those special moments. I am always so grateful when someone trusts me to be a part of their special day. With that said I'm a little rusty but if you're willing to be patient I would love to capture your next family photo session, first birthday, baptism, newborns, birth, graduation etc. etc. You can email or text.