A Birth Story: Vance Jeremy

I was so excited when Kelly asked me to be there to share in this special day. This was my first time shooting a birth. I was nervous and anxious and completely worried I would actually miss the birth. Turns out I actually did missed it. That little boy was not interested in waiting for me, he was eager to greet the world. 

I asked Kelly to share her birth story. It is so neat to hear her story and see the pictures together. Every birth is so incredible and I was lucky enough to be a part of this family's beautiful day.

Your Sisters were so excited to sleep over at Grandma Ann's the night before you were born. Mom and Dad went home and cleaned the house really good so that you could come home to a nice, fresh house. We had to call the hospital at 6:30 in the morning to see if they were ready for us to come in. We were up and ready by 6:30 and called the hospital, but they were not ready for us and wanted us to call back at 9:00. Dad and Mom laid in bed and watched the news for 2 1/2 hours, those were the longest 2 1/2 hours of my life! I wanted to meet you so bad and just hold you in my arms and meet my precious boy! I had Dad give me a priesthood blessing because I was feeling really nervous about the day. It was an excellent blessing and it comforted me. However, he did bless me to have a high tolerance to pain and at that time I had no idea why he said that. I even asked him why he said that. He said I don't know, birth is painful I guess. So we went about our day and I called in again at 9:00 and they told us to come at 10:30. I couldn't eat anything so we couldn't go out to breakfast so we did what anybody does when they want to kill time. We went and walked around Wal-mart and Target. We bought presents for the girls so you could give them a gift when they met you for the first time. At 10:30 we got to the hospital and got all checked in.  It took them a while to set everything up and my IV took two nurses and 4 pricks to get it started. My Mom got there about 11:30 and they finally started the pitocin at 11:50. Jeremy went and got lunch after that was going and while he was gone Dr. Anders came in and broke my water and I was at a 3. We had a little chat about if I wanted to go natural or if I wanted an epidural. I laughed at her and asked her if she knew who I was and of course I wanted the epidural. She said okay we will give that to you when you are screaming for it. My contractions started getting really strong and close together. I didn't want to bug the nurse or be a wuss, but I wanted to get the epidural at about 12:30. I decided to be strong and just wait until our nurse came in and then I would ask her for it. They were coming about every minute to 30 seconds and just staying strong. When the nurse came in at about 1:15 I asked her if I would be a wuss if I asked for the epidural now? She said no and that she would have the guy be right in. He got there and the contractions were hurting so bad, it was the worst pain I have ever had. The anesthiologist came in and made me lay on my side and curl into a ball. I couldn't move or breath and Jeremy and the doctor had to help me get into position. All I could do was cry, I was in so much pain and I just wanted the epidural to take it all away. I can remember thinking someone help me, please take this pain away from me. I wanted the day to be over already. I just had to imagine holding you already to get through the pain. He got the epidural in at 1:30, and that was a lot of pain and pressure added to my already enormous amount of pain. At 1:40 I was still in so much agony, I was crying and gripping the side of the bed and just in escrusating pain. The nurse was conserned so she had the anesthesiologist come back to give me another dose. She said that the only reason this would happen is if I was moving along so fast that the medicine doesn't have time to catch up with the pain so she checked me and I was at a 5. The anesthesiologist came back in and gave me a second dose and was rambling about how this never happens and giving me percentages of things that were making no sense to me. All I could think about is how I wanted to punch that guy in the face and tell him to get out of my room because he didn't make my pain go away. He told me that we might have to do a second epidural if this one didn't work. The nurse saw my pain and my disgust with him so she checked me again and I was at a 7. This scared me so much. I didn't want to do this natural, my worst fear was coming true. I was freaking out in my mind. I couldn't do this by myself, I couldn't imagine myself giving birth and feeling the pain and pressure that comes along with it. Two more contractions went by and still no relief she checked me again and I was at a 9. She said okay I'm calling the Doctor. She left the room and it was just my Mom, Jeremy, and a nurse who was setting up tools. I asked for someone to help me. I was in tears and I had no idea how I was going to go through with this. I wanted time to stop, I wanted my medicine to hurry and work, I wanted someone else to give birth for me, I wanted everything the opposite from what was actually happening. Dr. Anders come in about 2 minutes later and I was crying and in the most pleading, hopeful voice said "Dr. Anders Please help me." She said it was up to me to push when I needed to. The nurse said she could see his head. I said I'm going to throw up a baby! They said okay, put your hands behind you legs. I didn't know how, I didn't know what they were asking me to do, I was in so much pain, I couldn't understand what was going on. I gave a little push and Dr. Anders put a baby blanket on my belly and said next push you are going to have a baby. She said let us know when you need to push and I said right now! I pushed and out he came! I was so relieved, I cried so hard and I was so happy to finally see my baby BOY! I was so happy to hold you, what a sweet blessing you were and I just knew you fit right into my family! They took you away to clean you up, measure and weigh you. I wanted to eat and they had a drink read for me, cranberry, orange, apple juice, and sprite. That is my favorite thing to have at the Hospital. We moved into our recovering room and Cambree and Jaycee came to meet you and I held all three of you and our family just felt even more complete! I loved seeing Cambree hold you and give you kisses. Jaycee wouldn't hold you at first, but then when she did she wouldn't let you go and kept saying MINE and would give you a kiss. We are so happy to have this sweet spirit in our family and I'm glad everything went the way it did! We love you Vance Jeremy Whitney.