I kind of love taking photos for little girl's baptisms. There is something so sweet and pure about a girl in a white dress, sun setting and beautiful fall leaves. I felt the magic as I held my camera up to my eye and saw Mary with the sun dancing off her hair. I love looking through my lens because somehow through my lens I get a glimpse of everything special and unique about the subject I am shooting. The little crinkle in their forehead when they smile. The glint in their eye when they think you're not looking. The bruises on little knees. Toothless smiles. A little mole on their cheek. I love it all. It's what makes us human and its so inspiring to capture. 

Mary was beautiful. I held her on my back as I took her to each place I wanted to photograph her in. She smelt like little girl and the outdoors. Her curly hair tickled my cheek as it fell forward and my heart was bursting. It was so neat to get to see her the way her mama sees her. The way her Heavenly Father sees her. To really stop and look and see... that is the magic of photography and it is incredible. 

Little Sister, Alivia needed a turn too. That red hair could not be ignored in the setting sun.