Baby Joe

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Baby Joe, according to Finn is his baby "brudder".  "Baby Joe" is in most conversations in our house. Finn talks about him daily. I don't know how the idea of him came about but one day Finn just started talking about this little boy in heaven. A baby boy who is waiting to come to Earth and be in our family. Now Finley has reserved the middle seat of the car for "Baby Joe". He has told me numerous times his "brudder" has brown hair and brown eyes. At first Joe and I laughed it off but after awhile we started to listen to his stories. Everything he says about this little boy is so interesting. Finn talks about being heaven with his brother before he was born and came to earth.  Many times he points to the sky and says "Baby Joe" is looking at us from Heaven. Sometimes it gives me goosebumps.

Oh my tender, sweet boy... Maybe just maybe there is a little boy in Heaven who is suppose to be in our family. Maybe... Someday we'll know.