Nan and Pap

Genevieve came home last week with her first book. I was skeptical at first. I didn't think there was anyway we were going to get through the first word let alone all four pages. It started out slow. We sounded out each letter together, "nnnn" "aaaa" "nnn". At first she didn't quite understand each letter, if blended together, actually became a word. She easily became frustrated but with a little patience and lots of encouragement she kept on plugging along "pppp" "aaa" "ppp".  I created a sticker chart and each time G read she earned a sticker. That was exciting enough for her to read a couple times a day, twice before nap and twice before bed. The next day I thought would be just as slow but I was surprised when G not only sounded out the letters but began blending them together. The third day she was reading each word, sometimes stumbling but then quickly sounding the word out. Each time she got a word right, that was a little trickier than the rest, she would grab me tight and we would kiss and cheer. G would then declare "I am doing it, I am reading!" Darn right you're reading baby girl. Then the age old question quickly clenched my heart... How does time go by so quickly?

Today Genevieve began her first 6 hour day of preschool. I have been so excited to have her busy and to have a couple hours with Finley alone, but I'm surprised to find as the hours tick by I'm missing her. Its too quiet in the house. Now I am not sure I'm ready for her to be so grown up.  Joe and I are entering a new stage of our lives. How did that happen? Am I ready? I know she is...  So I will count down the hours until I get to hold my little girl again. I am eager to listen to her constant chatter of all the things that made up her day. I will hug her tight and celebrate her first day, all the while my heart will ache for simpler days. Days when she toddled about the house and Finley sat in his swing watching her with so much interest.

Becoming a mother has made it perfectly clear, the days are long indeed but the years are short and all I can do is remember to cherish the small things and live in the moment.