snow woes

Back to reality, its been hard to get into the groove of things. It all became clear we weren't in Hawaii anymore when the plane landed to snow and single digits. I have learned one very crucial lesson after becoming a mother, especially a mother to a now two and four year old. If you are smart and childless you will listen real close to what I am about to say.... children were not meant to be kept inside. They are like monkeys in a cage (with rabies). Take my advice, move now, before you are in the midst of winter WITH children. Enough said.

I decided it was time to get out and enjoy the snow. It took two hours to get them bundled up and out in the snow. It was like a scene from "cheaper by the dozen" but WAY less funny. Finding gloves, socks, where was the other match to the boot? Two feet in one pant leg, while one cries because the other looked at them the wrong way and the other is laughing because they finally stole the others pair of gloves.  Who are these people?

Finally, they were dressed, bundled from their heads to their toes and ready to play (I had a small flash back to the scene from "A Christmas Story"). We made a makeshift sledding hill from our icy driveway. It was cute and fun, for about a minute before both of them were crying to go back inside.  So just pretend these pictures come to you from a day where the snow was magical, the children were full of laughter and hot coco followed a fun filled day out in the winter weather. 

In reality, after that day I decided it was only necessary to our sanity we make a count down chain to spring. How else are we going to survive the winter? 63 days, 20 hours, and 24 seconds until spring... but who's counting?


note: Its tough to take snow photos. It is hard with all the white snow and blue light etc. I will Pinterest it, practice what I learn and if I'm brave enough to take another expedition outside I will post more.